Machine Control System Market Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends | Forecast 2019 – 2027

The global machine control system market is witnessing a positive uptick on account of the burgeoning agriculture, transportation, and construction industries. Machine control systems are used in positioning machinery used in earthwork. These systems use technology such as global positioning (GPS) and geographical information system (GIS) frameworks for the same. Machine control systems primary function is to enable precision in the location of machinery associated with large/heavy control systems. The global machine control system market is driven by a surge in the need for accuracy in navigation and control of heavy machinery across industries.

The global machine control system market is expected to witness a positive growth trajectory in the coming years, bolstered by a number of developments. Some of the key developments that are likely to influence the machine control system market in the coming years are as follows:

  • China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) Project 

The country is heavily allocating resources towards infrastructure development, which is expected to work in favor of the global machine control system market in the coming years. The One Belt One Road (OBOR) is a vast project that comprises of heavy investment on China’s part. The new road will link China and Europe through the western and central parts of the Asian continent. Demand for machine control systems is anticipated to rise to a large extent in this initiative. This is expected to boost opportunities for vendors in this regional market in the coming years.

  • Development of Compact and Portable Attachments 

The launch of novel, innovative and user friendly products is another key development that is expected to fuel the global machine control system market in the forthcoming years. For instance, Trimble, a leading manufacturer in the industry introduced a new product, GO! Grade Control Platform.

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  • Topcon Upgrades Product to Improve Calibracy 

Topcon’s flagship product, the 3D MC Max built with 4-way dozers, recently got an upgrade. This product is now mast fres, with measurement units, sensors, and receivers built into the machine. An optional third measurement unit is made available too, that allows support to the blade systems through pitch control. This addition will help movement of material in environments that include steep inclines. The enhancement of leading products by key manufacturers is likely to amplify sales in the global machine control system market in the coming years.

Prominent vendors operating in the global machine control system market are MOBA Mobile Automation, Trimble, Eos Positioning Systems, Topcon, Hemisphere GNSS, and Hexagon.

The construction industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth, supported by the growing population, rising urbanization, and economical growth.  This is a leading factor that is likely to augment demand in the global machine control system market in forthcoming years. Further, the growing population also generates high demand for food, which is leading to increased activity in the agriculture sector. The demand for efficiency and swift production will intensify the need for machine control systems in agriculture in the coming years. Thus, the agriculture industry’s growth directly fuels the machine control system market to a large extent.

As technological advances permeate different industrial sectors, the adoption of novel innovation will further drive the global machine control system market. Traditional survey pegs are being replaced with positioning systems, two dimensional systems with 3D. This is expected to accelerate growth of the global machine control system market in coming years.

Established Construction Sector to Push North America Machine Control System Market

North America is a leading region in the global machine control system market. The dominance of this regional market can be attributed to the region’s established construction sector and high investment capacities. For instance, Canada has been implementing machine control for new projects in highway construction.

Asia Pacific is expected to register a high growth rate in the machine control system market in the coming years, fuelled by escalating construction activities in countries like China and India.

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