3D Display Market by Regions,Types And Analysis Of Trends to 2023

Global 3D Display Market: Overview

Technological developments have given a strong push to the electronic industry by introducing 3D viewing experience. Globally, the demand for 3D display has increased largely; it is widely used in gaming, photography, education, and defense. 3D display has enhanced the viewing experience by offering sharp and high quality of 3D content. Furthermore, increasing marketing and advertising strategies are encouraging the adoption of 3D display in the advertisement sector. The 3D display is widely used in 3D content on billboards and feature advertisement films. Auto-stereoscopic technology is adopted by the advertising agencies for billboard advertising. Thus, the increasing use of 3D technology will certainly boost the 3D display market.

The global 3D display market is categorized on the basis of technologies, types, application, and geography.  Based on types, the market is segmented into volumetric display, stereoscopic display, and head mount display (HMD), all the three types are relevant in different areas.  The volumetric display are frequently used in border crossings and security checks, HMD display device is worn on head or attached in helmet, and stereo display provides offset images that are displayed separately to both the eyes.

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The report gives an in-depth analysis of the global 3D display market where it includes drivers, restraints, and trends, and opportunities contributing in the growth of the market. The report also consists of geographical analysis with in-depth analysis of segments derived through factual knowledge.

Global 3D Display Market: Trends and Opportunities

Due to high demand for 3D visualization especially in the areas of defense, gaming, and entertainment, the market for 3D display is likely to witness high growth in coming years. Commercialization of 3D display and its excessive use in advertising agencies, television service providers, and broadcasters have created growth opportunities for the 3D display market.   Moreover, the demand for 3D display is also growing with rising demand for smartphones, tablets, monitors, and others. High cost of 3D display may restrain the market especially in countries like China and India. However, rising demand for 3D display and increasing disposable income will help to fuel the market in coming years.

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Global 3D Display Market: Regional Outlook

3D display market is witnessing high demand from Europe and North America. In coming years, the market is expected to witness significant growth in Asia Pacific. Factors such as recent infrastructural developments and the increasing use of billboard for advertising will boost the Asia Pacific market for 3D display in the coming years. Moreover, the demand for 3D display is likely to rise in countries experiencing high number of sports competitions, live concerts, and corporate exhibitions.  Emerging economies such as China and India are also expected to boost the market due to high demand for 3D display.

Global 3D Display Market: Competitive Landscape

The report gives a detailed analysis of competitive landscape in the global 3D display market. Some of the key players contributing in the 3D display market are Panasonic Corporation., Samsung Electronics Corporation., Toshiba Corporation., LG Electronics Inc., Sharp Corporation., Sony Corporation., 3D fusion, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, 3DIcon, and Fujifilm Corporation.

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