Land Survey Equipment Market with Growing Top Competitor and Insight Inflation 2027

Land surveying is the technique of measuring three dimensional or terrestrial positions of points and distance between them. These points are on the surface of the earth and they are used to locate the position or boundary of roads, building, or the surface location on the map. Land survey equipment are used in government organizations, scientific organizations, property sales office, construction site and few other application. A land surveying professional is called as land surveyor.

Surveyor uses variety of land survey equipment such as 3D laser scanners, controllers, digital level, total stations, and GNSS surveying systems to survey a project site or agriculture field. In developing countries such as India and China the scope of infrastructure development is huge, due to which there is tremendous demand for land survey equipment to measure distance, direction, horizontal and vertical positions, and locations while construction of buildings, roads, bridges, and dams. Furthermore, land survey equipment are also used in oil & gas, mining, and agriculture industry for land survey.

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Land Survey Equipment Market – Competitive Landscape

Trimble Inc.

Founded in 1978, Trimble Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, United States. The company provides positioning products for surveyors, government organizations, and transportation authorities across the globe. The companies Engineering & Construction segment offers global positioning systems (GPS) and robotic optical surveying instruments using laser, optical, cellular or radio technologies for construction industry. Recently, the company launched a new equipment named TSC7 Controller. It consists of physical keyboard and 7 inches touchscreen that can be readable in sunlight. The equipment is used for land and civil construction surveyors.


Founded in 1975, Hexagon is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company provides information technology solutions for geospatial, agriculture, and mining industry worldwide. In October 2018, the company acquired Bricsys Inc., a construction technology solution provider located in Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States to strengthen its construction solutions portfolio for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction), as the Bricsys Company’s CAD (computer-aided design) platform, BricsCAD supports building information modeling (BIM), 2D/3D design, and sheet metal design in one system that provides access to designers, engineers, and BIM professionals for vertical CAD applications in land survey.

Some of the key players operating in the global land survey equipment market with significant developments include Trimble Inc., Hexagon, Garmin Ltd., Topcon, Autodesk Inc., Meggitt PLC, Hi-Target, CHC-Navigation, Suzhou FOIF, Stonex among others.

Land Survey Equipment Market – Dynamics

Increasing Adoption of Technologically Advanced Land Survey Equipment in Construction Industry

One of the major driving factors for the growth of global land survey equipment market is increasing use of modern land survey equipment in construction industry. Over the years, a number of various land survey equipment have been invented for determining horizontal and vertical position, distance, and direction of a particular location. With technological advancement, a large number of land survey equipment have been replaced by modern land survey equipment. Modern technology enabled land survey equipment are capable of measuring accurate and error free readings, recording thousands of measurements by using large amount of memory, and dozens of jobs simultaneously in minimum response time.

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These features offered by modern technology enabled land survey equipment helps to improve the efficiency and quality of work. Moreover, with introduction of global positioning system (GPS) in land survey equipment the method of surveying has improved. GPS system has made surveying faster as well as it has increased the accuracy of measuring distance correctly from far distance. GPS works with the help of satellite system to provide real time and exact data on the computer screen.

However, few times in dense forest areas GPS system may not be able to provide exact data or land position due to which total station, a type of land survey equipment is used along with the GPS. Total station is an electronic distance measurement device (EDMD). Introduction of total station has also been the reason behind change in surveying method, wherein EDMD is considered as new device that modified the surveying technology to digital electronic devices. The technological advancement in land survey equipment is anticipated to boost the growth of land survey equipment market during forecast period.

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