Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Market Great opportunities available for the vendors 2019-2027

Global Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Market: Overview 

The ideal lifecycle management solution that deals with the benefits of an organization in asset management is named as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Moreover, the subjects secured by EAM comprises of tasks, structure, and decommissioning of production plant among others. Switching to an enterprise management system enables businesses to lessen their production and maintenance costs. Other than this, rise of EAM has brought down the production costs, work costs, helped support profitability and diminished hardware breakdowns. Owing to these benefits, the global enterprise asset management (EAM) market is experiencing a bloated growth in the forecast period of 2018 to 2026.

A recent report by Transparency Market Research offers an in-depth analysis of the global enterprise asset management (EAM) market. It also enlightens various facets of the market such as notable developments, key drivers and restraints, and opportunities for the businesses. The report also offers a detailed regional analysis of global enterprise asset management market.

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Global Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Market: Notable Developments 

Major players are investing heavily in the efforts to surpass the traditional asset management for their business. This is because businesses are seeking additional benefits from enterprise asset management solutions. In addition to providing access of organizational asset information to every department and employee at every location, the latest industry trend includes enterprise asset management solutions that also involve several other important factors, such as energy usage, lifecycle costs, maintenance histories, warranty catalogs, purchase orders, audit records, and others.

In November 2018, Bentley Systems Incorporated acquired ACE enterprise Slovakia, an innovative technology solutions provider, to connect with enterprise resource planning (ERP), EAM, and geographical information systems (GIS). With this acquisition, the business focuses on expanding the scope of data that can be accessed through the database of the acquired company.

Some of the prominent players of the global enterprise asset management market are: Oracle Corporation, SAP SE, ABB Ltd., International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Schneider Electric SE, and MRI Software LLC. Some other player such as, CGI Group Inc., Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) AB, Infor Inc., Ramco Systems Limited, Bentley Systems Incorporated, Rockwell Automation Inc., and AssetWorks LLC are also key contributors to the global enterprise asset management (EAM) market.

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Global Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Market: Key Drivers and Restraints 

Enterprises require EAM for management of assets, buildings, machines, IT and other enterprise assets. Return on assets (ROA) shows how profitable a company’s assets are in generating revenue. These benefits are the key contributors of the growth of global enterprise asset management (EAM) market.

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