Binance CEO congratulates Fetch.AI as it raises $6M in Seconds

Earlier today, Fetch.AI had on open sale which concluded within seconds of its opening which shows that investors demand tokens have increased considerably from last year.

On Monday, 25th February, Fetch.AI sold more than 69M of its FET tokens within twenty-two seconds. Changpeng Zhao, the Founder, and CEO of Binance said that Fetch.AI sold out within 10 seconds and it took around 10 minutes for all the orders to be confirmed and processed.

FET sold a single token for $0.08 with a minimum amount of $20 and investors could buy the token only using Binance Coin (BNB).

The company said that it had 24,000 pre-registered investors and 2,700 investors were able to participate in the token sale after 20,000 bids.

Fetch.AI had capped investors at $2,000 which is far less than $20,000 capped to BitTorrent (BTT) investors on February 1st. In total, the token sale raised $6M for the project.

The company would distribute the token to its investors in 15 days time and 11% of its tokens have been sold in today’s sale.

Zhao, is hoping that Binance launchpad would a token sale once a month.

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